There are no roads into Stehekin.  Everything and everybody comes by boat, plane, barge or foot.  This is part of what makes Stehekin such a unique place!  Below are some links to your transportation options.

We recommend booking your transportation as early as possible with the busy season we are expecting for 2021!

Lady of the Lake
The Lake Chelan Boat Company offers several options for transportation to Stehekin.
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The Stehekin Ferry
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The Stehekin Ferry is a great option if you are driving some distance as it has a later departure time from Field’s Point Landing, and an early departure from Stehekin

Lake Chelan Helicopters
Dale at Lake Chelan Helicopters offers flights to Stehekin as well as scenic flights that are amazing!
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Catlin Flying Service

Catlin offers charter land plane flight from many locations.
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